Our old maps tell stories beyond geography knowledge. Old maps express magnificence, power, propaganda and unique art! -

Our old maps tell stories beyond geography knowledge. Old maps express magnificence, power, propaganda and unique art!

How our Zmaps story began ...

It was a trip to Paris that would prove to be the inspiring force behind the creation of my global brand Zmaps. While visiting the Louvre museum, I was left awe-struck after viewing the painting "The Marriage at Cana" painted by Paolo Veronese in 1563. As the largest painting in the Louvre (width of the painting is an astounding 32 feet/ 10 m), it commands attention and is magnificent in both beauty and grandeur. My mind immediately began churning and my thoughts were drawn to the cathedral walls I had at home that were nothing more than blank space that needed to be filled.

Inspired by all of the globe-trotting and maps collecting that myself and my wife Mojca had already been enjoying for years, I knew that I wanted to create any type of art that dealt with maps or cartography to represent our shared passion for travel and historic. With a recent transatlantic sailing adventure from Europe to America behind me, I set to work learning everything I could about cartography as well as Victorian woodwork designs.

Specializing in pull down maps with custom luxury wooden handles, I strive to create antique and vintage-inspired maps for families and companies all over the world to commemorate their own travelling adventures. Each one of our maps are big, bold and accurately display all coordinates in breathtaking detail. We are searching and buying the most unique metal&wood art pieces at the trades around the Europe and incorporate their historic stories into our pull down frames.

With a background in architecture and interior design, my wife Mojca and I are true partners. Together with our team, we are rebirthing maps from the past through digital technology while capturing the essence of cartography by incorporating cotton canvas, wood and iron as the basis for each design. Each old map we create is truly a labor of love that will grow with your family and ignite many a dream of the wide open world. 

We assure you that our high quality creations on canvas are built to last for generations - many happy clients worldwide can assure you this as well.

Thank you so much for visiting our world of Zmaps.

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