Maps of the African continent from 1717 to 1856, French and English origin. Most fascinating are maps from the late 19th century, which are decorated with motifs of African tribes and natural heritage.

Countries and regions

In 19th century was Africa still mysterious land that was waiting for the first conquerors . From this period we offer English maps of northern, western and southern coastlines of the continent.

Atlantic and Indian ocean islands

Just think of sunsets, beaches and tranquillity at the open seas islands.. map of 1814 shows all major groups of islands in the Atlantic. We also offer two excellent maps of the Canary and Cape Verde, and a map of the island of Reunion. A map from 1851 is showing whole Indian ocean with major islands..
These are exotic places where you have lived your dreams in the shadow of palm trees at the lonely beach, crystal sea with wild waves, warm wind, smiling and carefree locals ...