Two maps of North and South America. In almost a hundred years that have elapsed between the production of both, is really noticable difference in accuracy and details on maps. The choice is yours.


Pirates of the Caribbean! At the first map, 1733, are picturesque details of pirat and conquistador ships. For those of you who preffer Cuba, we have three maps - detailed maps of Cuba and Havana with drawings of this famous city sights.

North America and Hawaii islands

General map of North America is decorated with excellent black and white illustrations. In addition, you can have maps of other areas. Do not be confused - Sandwich islands are nowadays called Hawaii islands!

We specially recommend you New Foundland map, dated 1776, made by a famous seafarer and captain James Cook.

South America

Two picturesque maps of east and west coast of South America are suitable for a wall decoration in a pair. Map of Cape Horn is also equipped with the course and drawings of views from different compass directions.